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• 12/4/2017

You gotta be kidding!

Why is the No Permits, No Parley issue reversed at all times? The minimum score on this quest is 8000 (PlayStation 2 version), not 9000. Take the test. Start a new game and make the code 100% complete game and then go on the television check the status of the game and it will be there Goal: 8000 in No Permits, No Parley. Oh people who do not know, it's enough to reverse everything.
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• 8/21/2017

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• 7/30/2017

Who are all the Graffiti Taggers in the crews?

I know The Warriors have Rembrandt, The Moonrunners have Luna 51 and The Panzers have C-Style but does anyone know of any more?
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• 10/24/2016


Anyone noticed there are some vandals who make this wikia into their own fandom rather than official wikia? Especially they make the character's races into Dungeon and Dragon alignments, is the admin and other active contributors still here? I'll help fix the wikia but i require some helping hands as well.
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