Alleycat is an achievement in Street Brawl.


Accumulate 9 backup lives for your Warrior.

Gamerscore: 20

How ToEdit

This is a difficult one if you're doing this by yourself. You'll have to have 9 lives showing under your character's name at any given time. An extra life is earned with 250.000 points, then with 500.000 and from them on every other 500.000 points you accumulate.

If you have a local co-op partner your run will be made far easier. Just tell them to stay blocking while you aim for taking down each enemy at a time. Very important, do not let them swarm you or you'll end up losing a life. Whenever your health becomes too low stop fighting, block (no enemy can break your defense, just bosses) and let your friend do the fighting until you find a health recovery item.

There are a few extra lives around certain levels, these are the only two known:

  • At the stage where you encounter the first boss, after you defeat him you'll enter a train. Keep walking to the right every time you beat the enemies because at the very end there will be an extra life waiting for you. There are a few seconds for you to grab it before the stage ends, so be quick.
  • On mission 7 stage 1, right at the start there'll be a parked train at the top left corner of the screen. Enter it and walk left.


  • The name is a reference to the myth that cats have nine lives, not to the gang of the same name.

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