Gender: Male
Gang: The Warriors
Race: African-American
Status: Deceased
Man, I just don't like bein' stuck underground in a can, man. I got claustrophobicness!
~ Ash to Vermin

Ash was a New Blood of the Warriors and best friend of Vermin. Ash was recognizable by his trademark red headband. He was voiced by Ephraim Benton and only makes an appearance in the game.


Ash was a young Warrior and a member of the New Bloods. Growing up in Coney he idolized the Destroyers as guys like Cleon and Swan gave the gang credibility. After the gang became a drug riddled shell of itself Ash convinced his good friend Rembrandt to join him in joining the Warriors. Ash quickly became friends with Vermin, who took Ash under his wing and taught him the finer points of being a strong soldier. There are many references to their friendship during the game. In Blackout, Vermin decides to bring Ash to the strip club in Harlem with him and Snow, Ash can also be seen doing push-ups as Vermin encourages him before Real Heavy Rep as well as Ash often saying between missions how he wanted to be just like Vermin who he said was a "real heavy mother". During meeting the Orphans and Punks rumbles Ash proved himself a effective soldier. His death affected all of his fellow Warriors, especially Vermin, and it was his death that motivated the Warriors to take out the Destroyers once and for all.

In The GameEdit

Ash was first introducted in New Blood, where he was initiated along side Rembrandt where the two were shown the basics by Vermin. In Blackout, he, Vermin, and Snow were going to the Black Cat. When the power went out, Ash started to panic because he has claustrophobia, but stops when Snow broke the door. He joined the fun in the Riverside riot with the others. Ash also makes an appearance in Real Heavy Rep with Cleon, Fox, and the New Bloods. He was also featured in the Hi-Hats rumble although he wasn't seen during the mission, he was seen in the opening cutscene, and after the mission can be heard talking about how he "wrecked two mimes at the same time". In Payin' The Cost, Ash wants to help Cleon and the others to fight the Destroyers, but Cleon orders him to scout Tony's fish market. At the market, Ash is ambushed and killed, in a set up originally planned for Cleon. Cleon personally avenges Ash by burning Virgil to death. Later, Vermin comments that it was unfair that Ash got wasted as the Warriors had never killed a Destroyer like that before.

Fighting AbilityEdit

Ash, like most of the characters, shares the 2 hit combo as grapple moves. Standing and on ground, he uses roundhouse kick as power move. He also uses the same rage grapple moves of Ajax. Standing and on ground, he uses a tornado kick as rage power move.




  • It is quite possible that Vermin blames himself for Ash's death, as when Cleon told Ash to go on the scouting mission where he is killed, he protested, but went along with it when Vermin told him not to question the Warlord. This would explain the increased sense of cynicism shown by Vermin during the events of the night of the meeting.

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