Gender: Male
Gang: The Destroyers
Race: African-American
Status: Unknown

Beansie is a former lieutenant of the Destroyers. He was voiced by Omar Scroggins.


Beansie wears a hunting hat, glasses and a white shirt under his Destroyers vest.


Beansie is very calm in demeanor, far less paranoid then his leader, Virgil. He was promoted to Virgil's second in command instead of LC, probably because he is more level-headed, and appears to be one of the few members of his gang not addicted to drugs, as LC is.

In The GameEdit

Beansie was a lieutenant, but was promoted to Virgil's second in command when Cleon left the gang in Flashback A: Roots. After the events of Destroyed, it is assumed Beansie took over the role of Warlord. It is unknown what happened to him and his gang, but they could have simply disbanded.


  • Beansie is the only character shown to be promoted from lieutenant to second in command.