Big Moe
Gender: Male
Gang: The Boppers
Race: African-American
Status: Alive
Money, clothes, pretty hos! Big Moe can't be beat! I'm the ghetto icon! Crown me!
~ Big Moe, King of the Hill

Big Moe is a the Warlord of the Boppers, and one of the few 'large' characters in the game. He is voiced by Billy Griffith.


Big Moe is by far the largest and strongest of the Boppers. He is tall and wears a size nine hat with flashy clothing.

Height: 6'6"

In The GameEdit

Big Moe appears in Sharp Dressed Man, as the boss. Cochise stole his hat in order to join the Warriors. Big Moe appears to have launched the gang war between the Hurricanes and the Boppers.

In Mission 14: Desperate Dudes, Big Moe appears at the meeting and has a new hat after Cochise stole his previous one.

Fighting AbilityEdit

Big Moe is very powerful in Rumble Mode, and can both deal and take a beating.

Like Vargas, Spider and Tiny, Big Moe has a unique rage animation that's longer than the normal one.