Gender: Male
Gang: The Turnbull AC's
Race: Caucasian
Status: Deceased
I'm gonna roll over your motherfuckin' nuts, man! I swear it!
~ When fighting

Birdie was a lieutenant of the Turnbull AC's, despite being in a wheelchair. He is the main antagonist in the mission Boys in Blue and was voiced by Joe Lo Truglio.


At some point, it is said that he has recently returned from the Vietnam War, where it is hinted that he got shot in action and was discharged after became paraplegic.

Birdie is shown to be a friend of the local workers, as one of them is his brother. Whether that means his actual brother or good friend is unknown.


Birdie is shown to be very cynical, showing joy in violence, is abusive towards his gang members and shows to be extremely loud. He has a bipolar attitude, laughing with his gang one second then yelling at them the next.

In The GameEdit

Birdie appeared in Boys In Blue, where he is killed by Cochise and the Warriors after they throw bricks on him, making him fall into an old railroad.

The Turnbulls request permission from the Gramercy Riffs to wipe out the Warriors for revenge. But Cyrus denies the request, as the meeting is approaching and he wanted peace between the gangs.

Fighting AbilityEdit

Birdie uses a wheelchair to move, and a gun to fight.


  • He is only playable in Wheels of Steel mode, in the Rumble Mode feature.
  • Birdie is one of the few characters in the series to make reference to the Vietnam War, that ended a few years before the story.
  • Joe Lo Truglio also did the voice of Vermin.
  • Birdie still has the movie Turnbull's logo on his vest.
  • Birdie is a Turnbull lieutenant, yet he doesn't wear overalls.