Gender: Female
Gang: Movie Extras
Race: Caucasian
Status: Alive
Your nights in the park are over for a while, honey.
~ Chloe to Ajax.

Chloe is an undercover cop trying to catch gang members and rapists in Riverside Park. She was played by Mercedes Ruehl and voiced by Orfeh.

In The MovieEdit

Chloe is sitting on a bench in Riverside Park as Ajax, Swan, Snow and Cowboy walk past. Ajax notices her and attempts to have sex with her after she asks him how he plays with the chicks. She takes out a pair of handcuffs, cuffs Ajax to the bench and whistles for some police officers to come over and arrest him.

In The GameEdit

Chloe appears in Home Run, in the exact spot as she was in the movie.

Fighting AbilityEdit

Chloe is available in Rumble Mode in the Movie Extras gang.



  • In the movie, Mercedes Ruehl is credited as 'Policewoman' and in the game Orfeh is credited as 'Undercover Cop'.