Gender: Male
Gang: The Baseball Furies
Race: Caucasian
Status: Alive

Cobb is the Warlord of the Baseball Furies


Cobb is a very large character in the game. He is the only Fury with skeletal war paint, and his own bat, which is two metal bats taped together.

In The FilmEdit

Cobb has no role in the film, as he is not in it.

In The GameEdit

Cobb only appears in Home Run. After CowboyAjaxSwan and Snow defeat him at the Riverside Park Rotunda, they head to the next train station. He and his lieutenants try to beat down the Warriors, but eventually lose.

Fighting AbilityEdit

Along with Ghost, he is the strongest character playable in Rumble Mode, as his standard attack (with his trademark double bat equipped) is shown to be able to wreck characters (particularly civilians) in one or two swings.

He also uses the heavy roundhouse punch as his power move - only he, Swan and Ajax can use this power move in the whole game. Cobb also has a 'secondary' power move (X+O), which is like a big push attack. He shares this attack only with Chatterbox. However, unlike Chatterbox, Cobb grunts when he performs the attack.

Like the typical brawler, he has Ajax's raging finishing moves, with the 2-hit combos as standard moves. The second punch from his standing 2-hit combo does much more damage than the first blow. Strangely, the second punch from his ground combo deals no damage at all, which also happens with Ghost.


  • His face paint, unlike the rest of the Furies, was not inspired by KISS, but instead by the punk rock band the Misfits.
  • He is probably named after the baseball player, Ty Cobb.
  • He is very useful in survival mode, due to his bat being able to kill or leave with very low health for almost all the normal characters.
  • His mouth is blocked by his warpaint. However, in some cutscenes in Fury Mode, if you look closely, you can barely see his teeth.
  • In Unleash the Fury difficulty, Cleon's model is Cobb and Cobb's model is Cleon.
  • His unique bat is unbreakable, unless thrown three times.
  • Strangely, should Cobb's bat break, it sounds like broken wood, not broken metal.