Coney Island (Objectives) are bonus missions where the player can choose to help other people in Coney Island. In return for helping these people, the Warriors will learn new abilities.

Gangs InvolvedEdit


This is a list of all the Bonus Missions in Coney Island.

1. Turf Invasion #1 – Trash the Van Cortlandt Rangers.

2. Robbin Hood – Get Rudy $100 and deliver it before his train leaves.

  • Unlock: Dealer Hints

3. Turf Invasion #2 – Trash the Panzers.

4. Busted – Free all 5 of Twiggy's associates.

  • Unlock: Cuff Key Powerup

5. Turf Invasion #3 – Trash the Electric Eliminators.

  • Unlock: Brass Knuckles

6. Flash Head – Get a Foam Finger from the Little Buddha while dosed on Flash.

  • Unlock: Increased Flash Capacity

7. Turf Invasion #4 – Trash the Hurricanes.

8. Vigilante Justice – Track down the stalker and cuff him.

9. Turf Invasion #5 – Trash the Satan's Mothers.

10. Carney Compassion – Beat up the punks that stole Jasper's Costume.

11. Turf Invasion #6 – Trash the Jones Street Boys.

  • Unlock: Steel-Toed Boots

12. Deal With It – Make purchases to root out the phony dealers.

  • Unlock: Weapon Dealers

13. Feed The Homeless – These bums are hungry-and picky. Feed each according to his taste.

  • Unlock: Hobo Allies

14. Freedom – Free the Warriors without getting busted.

  • Unlock: Self Unarrest

15. Flash Point – Pop 10 hits of Flash before the timer runs out.

  • Unlock: Instant Rage



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