Gender: Male
Gang: The Hi-Hats
Race: Caucasian
Status: Alive

Crackerjack is the Warlord (former main lieutenant, and second-in-command) of the Hi-Hats. He was voiced by Adam Sietz.


Crackerjack is fatter than the other Hi-Hats and he wears a black striped white shirt.

In The GameEdit

Crackerjack is shown to be very loyal to Chatterbox, but after their leader's death and his promotion, he doesn't take revenge on the Warriors, probably due to him knowing the strength of the gang, or the general truce started by the Riffs, over a month later. He proves to be an effective leader, when wrecking Panzers, when they entered their turf.

Fighting AbilityEdit

Crackerjack uses knives to fight with on Rumble Mode, or in battles.