Gender: Male
Gang: The Rogues
Race: Caucasian
Status: Deceased

Cropsy or Cropsey was the main lieutenant of the Rogues. He was played by Joel Weiss and voiced by Lloyd Floyd.

In The FilmEdit

Cropsy listens to the orders of Luther possibly out of fear or respect. He wants to tread carefully throughout gang warfare, while Luther likes disorder. At the end of the film, he is with Luther and the other Rogues against the Warriors to the final battle. After Swan has defeated Luther, Cropsy and the Rogues are shocked and presumably prepared to fight the Warriors when Masai and the Gramercy Riffs arrive and surround them all. Knowing the truth about Cyrus's death, Masai and the Riffs let the Warriors leave and kills Luther and his band (Cropsy included, who is stayed at in the side of his Warlord).

In The GameEdit

More of the relationship is shown between him and Luther, in many cutscenes he is shown to be paranoid, probably due to him thinking Luther will eventually lead to the gang's death. Luther realizes the paranoia Cropsy has and regularly picks on him for it.


  • In the movie script, Cropsy's name is spelled as 'Cropsey'.