Gender: Male
Gang: The Warriors
Race: African-American
Status: Alive
I shoulda brought y'all a hanky for all this cryin'!

- D-Train to his gang

D-Train is a soldier of The Warriors in Jailbreak. He is a heavy fighter that puts self-preservation before brotherhood.


D-Train is an extremly large man who wears sunglasses even when indoors, a chain necklace and no shirt under his vest.

Not much is known about his backround, only that he joined The Warriors sometime after the events of the movie. It is quite possible that he was recruited as heavy muscle, due to his size and Ajax being in prision. Though he admires the strength of The Warriors, he knows that can never amount to their former selves.

Ethnicity: African-American


D-Train is shown to be liked by the other members of The Warriors, even though he is often scolded by Rembrandt for not realizing the emphasis Warriors put on brotherhood. At one point Cowboy shows he even trusts D-Train to the point of asking him to look after his hat in the chance that he gets wrecked. He is shown to have a negative view on education, mocking higher class citizens and laughing at Rembrandt for having a teacher. Later, during the jailbreak of Ajax, D-Train is a big asset in the battle of the cops.

Trivia Edit

  • It is quite possible that before joining The Warriors, D-Train was a member of The Big Trains, which explains his name.