Gender: Male
Gang: The Moonrunners
Race: African-American
Status: Alive

Deke is the main lieutenant of the Moonrunners. He was voiced by Datwon Thomas.


Deke wears a red jacket, with a purple shirt underneath, headband of the same color, black pants and red and white shoes.

In The GameEdit

Deke appears in All-City, Desperate Dudes, and in the mini game Armies of the Night. He typically drops flash when he is defeated during the Story Mode.

Fighting Ability Edit

The Moonrunner lieutenants have a unique power move, that nobody else can use. They also have a unique standing grapple combo - the first blow being a knee to the gut, the second blow being another knee to the gut, followed by being thrown to the floor.


  • Deke is the only generic Moonrunner that wears a red jacket, to signify his rank over the other members as lieutenant. This might also be because some screenshots depicted Deke wearing the same color jacket as the other Moonrunners and his jacket color change was likely done late.
  • He shares his voice with Lucifer and Isaac.