Gender: Male
Gang: The Hi-Hats
Race: Caucasian
Status: Alive

Desmond is a soldier of The Hi-Hats.


Desmond wears a black striped red shirt.

In the Game Edit

He is seen in Mission 6: Writer's Block, where he and the other Hi-Hats attack the The Electric Eliminators, The Moonrunners, The Panzers, and The Warriors by orders from their warlord Chatterbox. The Warriors manage to escape the attack and injure Chatterbox by throwing bricks and beer bottles at the pulley. He and the other Hi-Hats chase after the Warriors until they reached the gallery and retreat to help their warlord.

He appears again in Mission 8: Encore, where the other Hi-Hats come to Coney for revenge. All of the Hi-Hats are defeated until they retreat to the amusement park.

He appears in Mission 13: All-City, where he is informed by Marcel about the meeting along with other Hi-Hats.

Desmond is last seen at the meeting in Desperate Dudes.