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Echoes In My Mind is the first Issue of The Warriors: Jailbreak. It was released in 2009.


The comic opens with a fight between Ajax and Swan  for the title of Warchief that occurred before the movie. Swan wins the fight but Cleon tells him they never leave a Warrior behind. It then cuts to Ajax in his cell. A Baseball Fury in the cell next to him tries to conversate, but was insulted. Rembrandt paints a picture of a gladiator in art class, where no one but the teacher will talk to him because they know he is in a gang. Mercy is talking with her sugar daddy, but leaves when she sees Swan outside the window. She goes into her apartment where Swan tells her this life is not for her. The unnamed Baseball Fury yells at the guards to let him wear his colors, Ajax calls it make up which causes the Fury to attack him, Ajax hits the Fury into unconscious, then tells the guards he wants no trouble. The Hi-Hats invade The Warriors turf and begin planting tags. Rembrandt sees this and calls for backup. The Warriors arrive and The Hi-Hats taunt that The Warriors are increasingly unpopular and Ajax is living on borrowed time. The Warriors win the brawl. After a conversation with Rembrandt, Swan decides to call a war council to break Ajax from prison.




  • Echoes In My Mind is a song on the film soundtrack.
  • The painting Rembrandt points to is The Night Watch by Rembrant Harmenszoon van Rijn.

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