Gender: Male
Gang: The Hi-Hats
Race: Caucasian
Status: Alive

Etienne is a soldier of The Hi-Hats.


Etienne wears a black striped red shirt.

Personality Edit

He appears to be very protective of his Warlord, Chatterbox, and he will protect him in any danger. His reaction to Chatterbox's death is unknown.

In The GameEdit

Etienne appears in Mission 6: Writer's Block, where he, along with other Hi-Hats are attacking The Electric Eliminators, The Panzers, The Moonrunners, and The Warriors. The Hi-Hats chase the Warriors on the roof after they injured their warlord Chatterbox via bringing down a pulley until the Warriors gets in the gallery and retreats to help Chatterbox.

He appears again in Mission 8: Encore where he and the other Hi-Hats come to Coney for revenge on the Warriors. Under orders of Chatterbox, he attack them but fails as he and the other Hi-Hats are defeated until Chatterbox orders the Hi-Hats retreat to an abandoned amusement park, there is where the Warriors kill their Warlord.