Introduction Edit

Hey everyone just a heads up that me kylepounder/killerk7 will me uploading a book series on wattpad about the Warriors its going to be set a couple of years after Cyrus death and after the events of Ajax getting out of prison. The fan made book is set in 1981 so two years after everything

Chapters Edit

Chap #1 The reunion

you can find chap one via the link

i have already made the first chapter its about the Warriors finding out that the riffs are not wanting to own New York any more. And will give it to whoever can take over New York so the Warriors want to own New York so firstly they will take out Satan's MC at Sheapsead bay Brooklyn NYC.

Chap #2 Bensonhurst bash up

Well this chapter is about the Warriors taking out the Jones Street Boys so Cowboy and Cochise get help from the Saracans again and take Bensonhurst over and give it to the Sarcans.It also has the rest of the Warriors taking over Sheepshed Bay.

Chap #3

This chapter is about appointing a new War chief to the Warriors gang and finding out of a new gang.

Other information Edit

Who ever owns New York will go into the USA gang wars which is like the meeting but it's USA wide instead of New York only.

i am making fan made book series tabs in each page or making new ones please do not edit or delete these tabs and pages as they are wip's work in progress more information will be added to them later.

Please do not delete this as im working on the second chapter now

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