Gender: Male
Gang: The Savage Huns
Race: Asian
Status: Alive

Ghost is the Warlord of the Savage Huns.


Ghost is a martial arts expert. Rather than a Chinese worker outfit or martial arts uniform like most other Huns, he wears a dark grey suit.

Ethnicity: Chinese-American


Ghost is never shown to speak. He is described as very spiritual.

In The GameEdit

In 1978, he fought Fox and Vermin during their attack on Chinatown, and was soundly beaten. It is later heard that he killed Spider.

Fighting AbilityEdit

He is shown to be extremely powerful in Rumble Mode, tying with Cobb in terms of raw power.

He counters grapple attacks very often, so it's best to use a strong grab attack to prevent being countered.



  • Ghost survives the fight with Fox and Vermin even if he's finished off with a knife attack. This is probably because of the scripted off-screen feud he has with Spider later on.


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