Incarcerated Baseball Fury
P 18 06
Gender: Male
Gang: The Baseball Furies
Race: Caucasian
Status: Deceased

The Incarcerated Baseball Fury was a former member of the Baseball Furies and the antagonist of Jailbreak.


The former Fury wears prison clothes with no warpaint on his face. He later carves warpaint into his face by using the medical scissors he stole during his time in the medical wing.


The Fury tries to converse with the incarcerated Ajax, but is insulted. Later he yells at the guards to let him wear his warpaint. Ajax then insults him by calling it make-up, which causes him to attack Ajax, who knocks him out. Later, two Gramercy Riffs beats up the Fury as he drew attention to them. Due to his injuries that were inflicted by the Riffs, the unnamed Fury was sent to the prison's medical wing, where Ajax was at the time. Him and Ajax insult each other, which causes them to fight. During the fight, he gets his hands on some medical scissors before the guards separate them. Finally getting his hands on the medical scissors, he carved his face to look like warpaint.

During lunch the next day he finds Ajax and attempts to kill him with the scissors. Ajax fought the Fury and took the scissors and hid them before the guards could see them. During a prison riot, the Fury arms himself with a nightstick and attempts to kill Ajax. However he is defeated and is killed by Ajax with, ironically, the same medical scissors he used to carve the warpaint into his face. The Fury is left dead on the floor while Ajax makes his escape.