Gender: Male
Gang: The Orphans
Race: Hispanic
Status: Alive

Jesse is the main lieutenant of the Orphans. He was played by Apache Ramos and voiced by Nelson Vasquez.

In The FilmEdit

When Sully wants to prove the Orphans have a real rep, he has Jesse show them newspaper clippings about their raids. It is unknown if the stories were really about them.

In The GameEdit

Jesse appears in Real Heavy Rep and No Permits, No Parley.


  • Apache Ramos is credited as 'Orphan'.
  • Apache Ramos now is working for the social services in New York.
  • Strangely, Jesse can been at the meeting, even though the Orphans were not supposed to be at the meeting. This was probably just an oversight.
  • In Armies of the Night, there is a Lizzie called Jesse.