Jimmy Lo
Gender: Male
Gang: The Savage Huns
Race: Asian
Status: Alive

Jimmy Lo is the main lieutenant of the Savage Huns.

In The GameEdit

Jimmy Lo appears in Scout's Honor, where Fox and Vermin fight the Savage Huns as Fox's initiation. He also appears in the introduction scene of All-City.

Fighting AbilityEdit

Jimmy Lo is a skilled martial artist, but prefers to use knives to neutralize his opponent in a fight. He has a strange, unique trait when fighting - when not raging, his power move is a 50-50 chance between a roundhouse or tornado kick. This also happens with the other Hun lieutenants.


  • Jimmy Lo's appearance is very similar to a young Jackie Chan. He was possibly designed this way as a homage.
  • He shares his voice with his fellow lieutenants, Lingo and Tam-Tam.
  • Strangely, the three Hun lieutenants are the only non-Warrior males in the entire game that don't use the standard walking animation, excluding Chatterbox and Vargas, who have their own animations. Instead, the Hun lieutenants walk like Snow, Cochise and Rembrandt.