Gender: Male
Gang: The Jones Street Boys
Race: Caucasian
Status: Alive

Knox is the Warlord of The Jones Street Boys.

In The GameEdit

Knox appears in The Set-Up, where he is seen in his hideout with three JSBs. He overhears Pilfer and a Jones Street Boy member about a deal, but disapproves of it. He, and the two JSBs hear broken glass and sees the Bums, which gives Cowboy and Cochise a chance to plant some stolen goods in their hideout. He later appears in the end of the mission, where he is seen being arrested by two cops, which they thought the JSBs were selling black market goods. The cops arresting him are then arrested by Garrison & Harrison on corruption charges, leaving Knox handcuffed in the street. It is assumed another member freed him as he is seen later at the meeting.