Gender: Female
Gang: The Warriors
Race: African-American
Status: Alive
I'm worried about you going. I've got a feeling. I don't want you getting messed up with something heavy, not way up in the Bronx. You've never even been up there.
~ Lincoln to Cleon

Lincoln is the girlfriend of Cleon. She was played by Pamela Poitier.


Lincoln is seen wearing a purple dress and a white headband.

In The FilmEdit

In a deleted scene which was the original opening, Lincoln is seen in Coney where she sits next to Cleon and asks him not to go to the meeting, because she feels something bad will happen. She then stands next to him while he addresses the Warriors.

The scene she is in with Cleon is considered canon, while the scene with the Warriors isn't, as Cleon gives some members different tasks then the ones they had in the film.

In The GameEdit

Lincoln is not seen in the game, not even in Rumble Mode.


  • The scene she was in was pulled from the movie because the producers didn't want the Warriors to be filmed in sunlight until the end of the movie.