Gender: Female
Gang: The Warriors
Race: Caucasian
Status: Alive
Friday nights are good. Saturday nights are better.
~ Mercy to Swan

Mercy is the girlfriend of the WarriorsWarlord Swan, ex-girlfriend of the Orphans' Warlord Sully, and previously a prostitute. She was played and voiced by Deborah Van Valkenburgh.


Mercy first appears in the movie wearing a sheer pink tank top, a floral skirt, and a heart-shaped necklace. She later steals a dark blue jacket to wear, while on the run from the police.


According to the film's website, Mercy was a young prostitute dating the Orphans' leader, Sully, so she would have a place to stay under a gang's protection. She demonstrates that she has no respect for the Orphans, however, as she is quick to inform The Warriors where they can find Sully, and even mocks Sully to his face. She generally seems content on living one day at a time, not caring who she sleeps with or what the future has in store for her. Swan rejects her at first, since she doesn't respect herself.

In The FilmEdit

She leaves the Orphans for the Warriors when the gangs meet in Tremont, pursuing Swan in particular. At first she is just looking for sex, but a relationship between Mercy and Swan eventually blossoms.

In The GameEdit

Mercy is seen in the game at all times she was seen in the movie, and additionaly in an early mission where she tells the Warriors where they can find Sully's car. After the Warriors return home, she can be seen in their hangout.

In The NovelEdit

In the novel, a girl who was with the Borinquen Blazers decides to follow the Coney Island Dominators after an encounter, but the Dominators end up gang-raping her and leaving her behind. In both of these situations, the girl initially tries to stir up the gang by asking for their insignia: Mercy asks for a Warriors' vest, and the Blazers' girl asks for a Dominators' pin. In the movie, Swan threatens to have the gang "pull a train" on Mercy at one point (a possible reference to the novel).


After the events of the movie, Mercy moves into an apartment with money from her sugar daddy. But after she is evicted when her sugar daddy finds out about her relationship with the Warriors, she moves back to Coney to live with Swan.

Fighting AbilityEdit

Mercy is not a strong fighter, typically depending on gangs to protect her, but proves willing to stand by them despite her lack of skill as she insists on following the Warriors onto the beach near the end of the movie (armed with a broken bottle).

She is an unlockable character in Street Brawl.


"Yeah, that's right, Warriors. Just keep walkin'. Real tough mothers, ain't ya? You guys don't show me much. Why don't you dickheads just walk all the way back home, huh?" - to the Warriors

"Sometimes I can and sometimes I can't... who gives a damn?" - to Swan (when he asks if she can remember who she has sex with)



  • Mercy was originally the love interest for Fox, but the romance was transferred to Swan, when Walter Hill noticed that the two had great chemistry.
  • In the subway where Mercy is running with Fox's double, she fell and broke her wrist because the actor didn't let go of her hand. This is why she later appears in a jacket, as it is covering up the cast.
  • Walter Hill originally wanted a tough Puerto-Rican girl to play Mercy.
  • The actress' boyfriend at the time discouraged her from auditioning, because he thought the director was looking for someone more well-endowed.
  • For the last shot in the film, where the vindicated Warriors, and Mercy, walk away along the Coney Island shoreline, as the sun rises, the actors were not told when to stop walking. Van Valkenburgh became irritated, because they noticed they had reached a point where they were out of the cameras ranges. But when they went back, they found out that the cast and crew had done this so they could bring out a huge bouquet of roses, which they then presented to a surprised Van Valkenburgh.