Gender: Female
Gang: Movie Extras
Race: Caucasian
Status: Alive
Hey, what about the money you owe?
~ Mindy to Luther.

Mindy is a cashier at a small kiosk in New York City. She was played by Ginny Ortiz.

In The MovieEdit

Mindy is working at a kiosk when The Rogues approach and take snacks. After a phone call, Luther informs his gang it's time to leave. When Mindy asks for the money they owe, Luther throws a chocolate bar at her and yells "FOR WHAT?!"

In The GameEdit

Mindy appears in No Permits, No Parley, in the exact spot as she was in the movie.

Fighting AbilityEdit

Mindy is available in Rumble Mode in the Movie Extras gang.



  • In the movie, Ginny Ortiz is credited as 'Candy Store Girl'.