Gender: Male
Gang: The Turnbull AC's
Race: Caucasian
Status: Alive

Nails is a soldier of the Turnbull AC's. He was voiced by Evan Seinfeld.

In The MovieEdit

Nails appears in the "Nowhere to Run" section of the movie where the D.J. announces the request from the Gramercy Riffs in the bus. Nails also appears at the meeting.

In The GameEdit

Nails appears in Boys In Blue and in Desperate Dudes and in the same places as the movie.

Trivia Edit

  • He shares his voice with Kevin K, Fleece and Hog.
  • In the Boys In Blue cutscene, where several Warriors (and New Bloods) enter the Red Devil, demanding Birdie, an AC throws a bottle at Cochise, and misses. This Turnbull had the model of Nails, but the voice of Dennis Ostermaier (the voice of Tony, Danny, etc.).