Gender: Male
Gang: The Cops
Race: Caucasian
Status: Alive

Nic is a riot control police officer of the NYPD.

In The GameEdit

Nic is seen trying to contain the riots during Blackout. He also appears in Boys In Blue.

Fighting AbilityEdit

Nic is playable in Rumble Mode.

Trivia Edit

  • Strangely, he bleeds from his head when attacked, despite wearing a helmet with a visor.
  • In both Story and Rumble Modes, the riot cops will have a mixture of voice files from the cops of NYC, specifically the voices of Dubrowski, Dawson, Riley, Wyatt, and Jackson/Austin. This unique feature is used solely by 'Nic'.
  • In Boys In Blue, at the very start of Checkpoint B, right after mutilating an AC, if you hide in the shadows, three riot cops should have a conversation about the mangled body on the train tracks. One of which will eventually vomit at the sight.
  • It is possible to get riot cops into Coney Island free roam: recruit all 4 New Bloods, get a projectile weapon (e.g. beef or bottle), get into line-of-sight of a roaming cop, drop projectile weapon in front of a New Blood, lock on to the New Blood, pick up the weapon again, say "Wreck 'em all", then smash it over the New Blood's head. If the cop saw this, he should call for a riot squad of six.