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Our Little Piece Of Turf is the forth and final issue of The Warriors: Jailbreak. It was released in 2009.


Swan makes his way through a inside prison riot to find Ajax. Once he springs him from his cell, their exit through the infirmary is blocked by the unnamed Baseball Fury armed with a nightstick. Ajax fights him and kills him with the medical scissors. After seeing Ajax is loose, The Warriors retreat back to Coney. Swan talks with Masai in an alley, who admits to sending The Hi-Hats to Coney, but the dream of a unified gang died with Cryus. Mercy is evicted from her apartment due to her suger daddy finding out her relationship with The Warriors at the resturant. In the street outside, Swan asks her come back to Coney. Mercy yells at him. Back at Coney Island, Ajax thanks Swan for breaking him out and accepts him as the leader. Mercy comes back to Coney to stay with Swan. Rembrandt informs his teacher he will no longer be coming back to art class, but will continue to practice art.




  • Our Little Piece Of Turf is a line from Cyrus' speech.

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