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Real Tough Mothers is the third issue of The Warriors: Jailbreak. It was released in 2009.


Before heading to the prison, The Warriors enter a high class resturant where Mercy is eating with her suger daddy. Mercy sees them and goes outside to see Swan, who informs her they are breaking out Ajax. The unnamed Fury uses the medical scissors to carve warpaint into his face. After that the Fury no longer talked, and tried to kill Ajax by shanking him with the medical scissors. Ajax pulls the scissors from his back and hides them before the guards see. Getting ready to break Ajax, The Warriors are met by Masai and The Gramercy Riffs, who agree to work together to spring Ajax and the two Gramercy Riffs. They stage a brawl between the two gangs to lour the guards outside. The gangs turn there attention to fighting the guards, while Swan gets the keys off one of them and heads inside.




  • Real Tough Mothers is what The Warriors are called twice. Once by Mercy, and again by The D.J. at the end of the game.

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