Gender: Male
Gang: The Warriors
Race: African-American
Status: Alive

Rhino is a New Blood of the Warriors. He was voiced by Khalipa Oldjohn.


Rhino wears a yellow t-shirt, brown jeans, two brown wrist bands and blue shoes.

In The GameEdit

Rhino appears in Destroyed, as generic Warriors fighting The Destroyers. In Boys In Blue, he helps Cochise fight the ACs. In Heavy Muscle, he is one of the Warriors that fights Ajax and Snow, as part of their initiation.

Fighting AbilityEdit

Rhino, like most male characters, shares the 2-hit combos as standard grapple moves, with Ajax's rage grapple moves. Like most characters, he uses the roundhouse and tornado kicks as power moves. He uses the fighting style of Ajax and Snow.


  • He shares the same voice as Malcolm.