Gender: Male
Gang: The Hurricanes
Race: Hispanic
Status: Alive

Rico is a lieutenant of the Hurricanes. He was voiced by Berto Colon.

In The GameEdit

Rico appears in Adios Amigo, where he defends Sanchez from the Warriors. He also appears in the introduction scenes of All-City and Desperate Dudes.

Fighting AbilityEdit

Rico is always armed with a 4-hit knife during Rumble Mode.

He shares his ground head-butt combo with Sanchez, Snow, Sid and Thrash

He uses the Hurricane-exclusive standing grappling move, in which they lift their opponent by the leg, then slam their head onto the ground.

Also like most Hurricanes, his power move is a heavy uppercut move. Only Hurricanes can perform this. Like Sanchez, his 'secondary' power move is the exact same as Swan and Ajax's rage power move.