Gender: Female
Gang: Spanish Harlem
Race: Hispanic
Status: Alive

Rosa is a girl living in Spanish Harlem.

In The Game Edit

She is usually seen in the Mission 7: Adios Amigo, generally seen around the streets. She is also playable in Rumble Mode.


  • "You wanna see me go crazy i mean 'crazy' crazy?"
  • "I will touch you before you touch me!"
  • "You are on with some serious crooks! I'm tough!"
  • "Hold your eyes Papi!"
  • "Don't you know I'm loco?"
  • "All right!"
  • "Yeah!"
  • "Enough!"
  • "Oh! Are you okay?"
  • "Somebody help me!"
  • "Here, Here!"
  • "Stop roping me, asshole!"
  • "Yo, i'm not crazy! I'm just mistrial!"
  • "Aw, now you want me to run?"
  • "I'm the knight in shining armor, babies!"