Gender: Male
Gang: The Hurricanes
Race: Hispanic
Status: Deceased

Sanchez was a lieutenant of the Hurricanes. He was voiced by Luis Jose Lopez.


Prior to the events of the game, Sanchez borrowed money from the Warriors and has yet to pay them back since he was arrested.

In The FilmEdit

Sanchez does not appear in the film, as he is killed before the events of the meeting.

In The GameEdit

When the Warriors learn he has been released from prison, they bop through Hurricanes' turf to catch him and make an example of him. His crew tries to protect him from the Warriors but are overrun. The Warriors catch him on a rooftop, where he falls to his death, being frightened by Ajax's threats.

Even though Sanchez dies from falling off of the rooftop, Sanchez can be seen at the meeting in Mission 14: Desperate Dudes. This is probably an oversight.

Fighting Ability Edit

He shares his ground head-butt combo with Rico, Snow, Sid and Thrash. He uses the Hurricane-exclusive standing grappling move, in which they lift their opponent by the leg, then slam their head onto the ground.

Also like most Hurricanes, his power move is a heavy uppercut move. Only Hurricanes can perform this. Like Rico, his 'secondary' power move is the exact same as Swan and Ajax's rage power move.