Gender: Male
Gang: The Turnbull AC's
Race: African-American
Status: Alive

Sid is the Warlord of the Turnbull AC's. He was voiced by Dennis L.A. White.

In The MovieEdit

Sid appears where the D.J. announces the request from the Gramercy Riffs, sitting on the front of the bus, holding the radio. Sid is also at the meeting and is front and center on top of the bus when chasing the Warriors.

In The GameEdit

Sid doesn't have a role in the game, despite the Turnbulls appearing in several levels. Sid only appears at the meeting in Desperate Dudes, in front of Roxanna, and listening to The D.J.'s request from The Gramercy Riffs.

Fighting Ability Edit

His standing knee combo is used by the JSBs, and several members of the Destroyers. He shares his ground head-butt combo with Rico, Sanchez, Thrash and Snow. He has the same fighting style as Vermin and Thrash.

Trivia Edit