Gender: Male
Gang: The Satan's Mothers
Race: Caucasian
Status: Alive

Spice is a soldier of the Satan's Mothers.

In The MovieEdit

Spice appears at the meeting where he is one of nine delegates sent from his gang.

In The GameEdit

Spice appears in Roots, where, after Cleon and Vermin were set up by Virgil, he tries to kill them both in Tack's Warehouse.

Spice then later appears in Turf Invasion 5, where he attempts to invade The Warriors' turf in Coney, along with several other members of the gang.

The next time Spice is seen is in Desperate Dudes, in the cutscene for the meeting. After the meeting, Spice gets trapped in Tremont, along with Ted, in No Permits, No Parley. After that, they are presumably arrested.

Trivia Edit