Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Gang: The Satan's Mothers
Race: Caucasian
Status: Deceased

Spider was the former co-Warlord of the Satan's Mothers, previously leading along with Tiny. He is voiced by Michael Goz.

In The GameEdit

In 1978, at Flashback A: Roots, Spider and Tiny fight Cleon and Vermin after a bad drug exchange set up by Virgil, only to lose. He then swears revenge on Cleon and Vermin, still believing they tried to rip him off.

Later, in 1979, Vermin tells Fox, after mission Encore, that Ghost killed Spider.


  • Spider survives the fight with Cleon and Vermin even if he's finished off with a knife attack. This is probably because of the scripted off-screen feud he has with Ghost later on, which ends in his death.
  • Spider notably resembles frontman Lemmy Kilmister of the rock band Motörhead, who were popular in the time the Warriors is set. Lemmy has also worn a helmet similar to Spider's.

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