Gender: Female
Gang: The Lizzies
Race: Caucasian
Status: Alive
So you’re the famous Warriors, the guys that shot Cyrus.
~ Starr to the Warriors

Starr is the Warlord of the Lizzies. She was played by Kate Klugman and voiced by Maine Anders.

In The MovieEdit

Starr wanted to kill the Warriors to collect the hit placed on the radio by the Riffs. After she lured Cochise, Rembrandt and Vermin into her gang's apartment, she ambushed them by stabbing Rembrandt. Soon after, she shot at them, only to miss. The three Warriors soon broke down the door and escaped.

In The GameEdit

Starr is seen in Friendly Faces, which plays out like the film. Starr also appears at the meeting in Desperate Dudes. She is also playable in Rumble Mode.


  • Starr wasn't named until the video game.
  • Kate Klugman is credited in the film simply as 'Lizzie'.


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