The Boss
Luther calling The Boss
Gender: Unknown
Gang: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Status: Alive

The Boss is the person Luther was talking on the phone with. The full identity of The Boss is unknown.


When David Patrick Kelly asked Walter Hill who Luther was calling, Hill responded "The Boss". Kelly made up a character as "The Boss" who combined political corruption with gangsterism. The Boss was a person who Luther knew from an early age, someone who he was eager to please.

Fan TheoriesEdit

  • Some believe since Luther is psychotic, he just called a random number and left it as a message.

Disproven TheoriesEdit

  • Many believed Luther was calling the radio station to confirm the events of the meeting. This is false, as when he made his call in Boys In Blue, he assured the person he was talking to that The Rogues would not be blamed for the incident.
  • Some believed Luther was a rat, speaking with The Cops. This is obviously false, as Luther kills a police officer in the game.
  • Some believed Luther was calling Masai, as the later hired him to kill Cyrus. This is untrue, as Luther said he killed Cyrus for fun. And as cowardly as Luther was shown to be, he would probably inform The Riffs closing in on him that Masai put him up to it.