The Gladiators
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Canarsie Palace/Pelham Trainyard


The Punks
The Gramercy Riffs
The Lizzies
The Moonrunners
The Orphans
The Warriors


The Boppers
The Destroyers
The Satan's Mothers
The Rogues
The Alleycats


Black vests and jeans.

The Gladiators are a fictional New York City gang in 1979.


Their territory is Canarsie, Brooklyn, and they could be identified by the black or navy vests that they wore. They were on the Gramercy Riffs' network.



Little is known about the Gladiators' formation, except that they were founded sometime before the meeting on July 12, 1979.

The MeetingEdit

See also: The Warriors (Film), Desperate Dudes

The Gladiators were one of the gangs invited by Cyrus and the Riffs to the conclave held in Van Cortlandt Park. The gang sent nine delegates from their territory in Canarsie to the conclave in the Bronx; it is unknown what became of the gang's delegates when Cyrus was shot and the meeting was interrupted by the cops.

In the FilmEdit

They are seen in the film's opening montage of various gangs making their way to the meeting.

In the GameEdit

It's possible they were in that large cutscene at the big meeting. They are replaced by the Punks in the short shot of them in the subway during the movie.


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