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The Lizzies
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Bowery, Manhattan


The Electric Eliminators
The Warriors


The Punks


Various tops and jeans.

The Lizzies are a fictional New York City gang in 1979. They are an all girl gang who can hang with the boys. Using their god-given gifts to their advantage, they can easily sneak their way past any crew's defense.


The Lizzies are an all-female mixed race gang in New York who operate within a apartment, complete with couches and a pool table. They appear beautiful, sexy and promiscuous. They occasionally arm themselves with switchblades and other knives. They sometimes arm themselves with guns, but appear to be inexperienced with them.


On May 20th, the Lizzies battled the Electric Eliminators in Bowery. The Lizzies won the battle, and their victory was later reported by the D.J. on the gang radio station.

The Lizzies use their good looks as bait to lure three of the Warriors into their clutches and almost succeed in capturing them. RembrandtCochise and Vermin are literally forced to fight for their lives to get out of there alive.


In The FilmEdit

Their only appearance in the film is that they wait at Union Station when Rembrandt, Cochise and Vermin show up. They take them to their apartment and seduce them until accusing them of shooting Cyrus, they miss every shot, but a cut on Rembrandt's arm.

In The GameEdit

The scene in the film is Friendly Faces in the video game.

The Lizzies are playable in Rumble Mode.

The Lizzies are one of the hardest gangs to use in Rumble Mode do to them being slower then other characters and are much more likely to be stunned or knocked down then other brawlers in the game. If you do play as them, be cautious because you can get wrecked very easily, especially if you are getting hit by powerful moves or being grabbed as the members often become disoriented from these blows.

No Lizzie (except Starr) can escape a grab. This can be very annoying on rumble if you're using them, because you can be almost be beaten to the point of death if you are grabbed consecutively.

Although the Lizzies are slower then other fighters, they actually have above average health, and their combos inflict a fairly high amount of damage. This actually makes the Lizzies a decent clique to use in rumble regardless of their restrictions of being easily stunned/disoriented.

The Lizzies are the strongest and fastest female brawlers that can be used in the game. This would make them the best choice if you wanted to use a female character/gang member in Rumble Mode.


Mission 14: Desperate Dudes (Intro Only)

Mission 17: Friendly Faces


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