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The Orphans
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Tremont, the Bronx


The Warriors


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Dirty Green T-shirts and Jeans

They're so far down, they're not even on the map.

Fox to Swan on the Orphans reputation

The Orphans are a fictional New York City gang in 1979. They are a small time outfit that keeps trying to move up by boasting about raids that never happened. At the bottom of the minor leagues, they try to make up for being soft by swarming with numbers; but a crew that can't rumble doesn't have much of a future.


The Orphan's are perhaps the weakest gang in the city, although Sully seems to refuse to this. Their posse only consists of a mere thirty members, making them one of the smallest gangs in New York.

The Orphans did not even know of the Gramercy Riffs meeting, thus indicating they are not on the network.

Even if the Orphans were on the network, they most likely would not of been able to attend the meeting. Edge of the Saracens stated that only the "heaviest" sets in the city would be at the meeting, though this could of been an exaggeration.


The Orphans were founded sometime before May 19th, 1979, and adopted Tremont in the Bronx as their territory. The Orphans' leader was Sully, and their main hangout was the Orphanage. It is unknown if the Orphans are actual orphans or just use the name.

On May 19th, 1979, the Orphans falsely reported that they had defeated the Coney Island-based gang the Warriors. In retaliation, Warlord Cleon and scout Fox led a group of the Warriors' New Bloods to Tremont to battle the Orphans.


In The FilmEdit

On their way back to Coney, the Warriors had to go through the Orphans' turf. Swan explains to them that they were on their way home from the meeting, but their train was stopped because of a fire, so they had to go on foot. Sully was about to let them go until Mercy cut into the conversation and told Sully that doing that is a bad reputation for the Orphans. Sully told the Warriors they had to take of their colors and walk as civilians. Swan tells Sully off and he goes to go get reinforcements. Sully returned with a bunch of Orphans so they can fight, but Swan threw a Molotov cocktail at a car next to them to scare them off and wasted some members, and the Warriors flee to the next station.

In The GameEdit

The first appearance of the Orphan's in the video game is in Real Heavy Rep. When Cleon and his Warriors find out that the Orphan's lied about taking out the Warriors, Cleon takes Fox and the new bloods to Tremont, where they fight several Orphan's and destroys Sully's car.

The Orphan's don't appear again until No Permits, No Parley, after the Warriors flee from the Turnbull AC's. Just like in the movie, Sully asks peacefully for the Warriors to take off their vests, but Swan refuses. After a short walk to the next station, Sully will be waiting for The Warriors with all of his Orphan's. Wreck all of Sully and his Orphan's, and move onto the red marker, the following cutscene ending the Orphan's until the final cutscene in the mission.


Mission 5: Real Heavy Rep

Mission 15: No Permits, No Parley


  • It is unknown what the other Orphans think of their gang - Sully is the only one who has shown feeling for them overall. However, being the Warlord, it is possible he has had an influence on his other Orphans.
  • They are one of few gangs that are not part of the Riffs' network.
  • In the "Armies of the Night" mini-game, their names are predominantly Jewish.
  • Filming during the scene with the Orphans was interrupted by a police chase.


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