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Central South Factory based in Castle Hill


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Bald heads, jeans; a combination of denim jackets, black leather vests, overalls, shades and bandanas.

The Turnbull ACs are a fictional New York City gang in 1979. They're a bunch of anti heroes tough, crass anarchists looking to rock or rumble any chance they get. One of the heaviest sets in the city, these skinheaded thugs are a serious outfit to contend with.


The Turnbull AC's are a mixed-race, skin head gang and are known to travel en masse in an old green school bus. They are a large, violent gang, often armed with chains, machetes and two-by-fours. Their territory spans Gun Hill to Pelham. They are one of the most powerful and dangerous gangs in New York.

Their strength lies not only in their penchant for violence, but also in their sheer disregard for human life. Their reputation is such that they are known even to the Warriors, a small-time gang from the other end of the city whose knowledge of other well-known gangs is repeatedly shown to be critically lacking. In the film, they wisely choose flight over fight, and even in the game they will generally only engage the Turnbull's when absolutely necessary.

Members and AssociatesEdit

In the FilmEdit

In the film, the Turnbull AC's appear at the huge meeting up at the Van Cortlandt Park. Once Cyrus is shot they went out looking for the Warriors, after hearing about the hit on the radio. They drove their bus around the area and spotted them dashing towards the subway and chased them, but couldn't catch them. They then sent word to the Riffs that they blew it.

In the GameEdit

In the game, they appear in Boys In Blue where they start charging the NYPD who are cleaning up the streets after the murder of a cop. A Turnbull AC then gets hit by a train causing somewhat of a distraction for the police. Snow and Fox (who Cleon had sent to the Riffs gambling club) are captured and the Turnbull AC's are spotted in a cutscene laughing with Birdie about how he's going to "roll over their nuts" when he gets back. Instead they are recovered by Cochise, Vermin and Cowboy and reinforcements arrive. The Turnbull AC's are now found at the Red Devil partying hard, once the Warriors break in, Cochise demands where Birdie is, but the Bulls refuse to say anything. Once the Bulls are taken down, the bartender tells them Birdie's location. Birdie is now found in a factory talking to workers and is interrupted by the Warriors. Birdie spots them and begins shooting. He fails to kill them, and falls backwards onto the tracks, dying on impact.

They appear at the big meeting, in Desperate Dudes. Once Cyrus is shot they went out looking for the Warriors, after hearing about the hit on the radio.

Overall, the Turnbulls should not be taken lightly. Out of all other gangs minus the Riffs and perhaps the Warriors, they're notably combo happy and once attacking usually will continuously unleash a mighty beating and often will perform heavy grapples and tackles in mid attack and won't hesitate to throw you into objects let alone oncoming trains. They're especially dangerous with weapons. Be warned, their tag team attacks deal enormous damage and often help or no help of you're on the floor they will constantly kick you and mount you before you can get up. They're good at reversals, grapple counters and putting up resistance in general. Some higher rank members will perform special roundhouse kicks. They don't fall from strikes. While they're not as skilled as the Riffs or even to a degree some the Warriors, their ferocity, toughness, power, stamina and unpredictability as well as in story heavy numbers along with their constant nonstop attacks can and very often will overwhelm practically every gang in the game. They're considered feared even by the Riffs for a reason.



  • They are the only gang aside from the Rogues that possess some sort of vehicular transportation. Although a Puerto Rican gang is said to possess a Cadillac in the movie script.
  • When the actors playing the Turnbull AC's visited a hamburger joint during filming, people fled in fear of being attacked.
  • They are one of the toughest gangs in the game, especially on higher difficulties, as they are hard to knock down, and their attacks deal a high amount of damage within a few combos.
  • In the game, the Turnbull AC's have a punk rock band called the Angry Cocks. They can be found playing at the Red Devil.
    • It's unknown what the "AC" stands for, but the Angry Cocks fits the abbreviation.
  • The movie's logo was originally used in the game, but was later changed to a unique logo.


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