April 16, 1978-Destroyers leader, Virgil, sets up lieutenant Cleon, to take the fall during a drug deal gone wrong with the Satan's Mothers MC. Cleon and Vermin fight off several members and the leaders, themselves. Cleon and Vermin then return to the Destroyers' hangout, and inform Virgil that he started a war, and hinted that he will start his own gang.

May 6, 1978-Cleon and Vermin enter "King of the Hill" contest with members of other gangs, and 2 former members of the Destroyers; Swan and Cowboy, who win the contest and are invited to join the newly formed Warriors. For their initiations, the two of them smash up several shops in the area, extort the owners, tag over Destroyers graffiti, beat up several Destroyers, and take over an abandoned warehouse from the Destroyers to use as a hangout.

The Warriors recruit several new members and expand their influence through their half of Coney Island.

June 15, 1978-Ajax and Snow get jumped in to the Warriors. Later that night, both go to Destroyers territory to meet up with 2 girls. Destroyers group beats both up, and steal their Warriors vests. Both go around East Coney Island and beat up several Destroyers members to retrieve their vests.

The Warriors and the Savage Huns have unspecified problems with each other.

The Destroyers invade Warriors territory and cause unspecified damage.

April 13, 1979-Rembrandt gets jumped into the warriors, Destroyers throw molotov into Warriors hangout and tag over piece. Warriors defend their territory and beat up several Destroyers members.

April 14, 1979- In response to the attack by the Destroyers, the Warriors invade Destroyers territory, beat up several more Destroyers, tag over Destroyers graffiti throughout their territory, and paint over the main tag on the Destroyers hang out. Ajax tags over Destroyers' leader's vest.

The Warriors beat up members of the Van Cortland Rangers in Coney Island.

The Panzers invade Warriors territory seeking revenge for members beat up during blackout, get beat up by Warriors.

The Warriors beat up members of the Electric Eliminators on their turf.

Hi-Hats invade Warriors turf, Warriors beat them up, kill leader Chatterbox.

June 21, 1979-Destroyers attack Warriors territory, smash up stores, kill Warriors member Ash and attempt to kill Warriors leader Cleon, and Swan. Shortly afterwards, The Warriors fully invade East Coney Island and beat up several Destroyers, smash up shops, disrupt business, raid Destroyers hangout, and kill Destroyers leader, Virgil. The Warriors take over the rest of Coney Island and become the only gang in the territory.

The Hurricanes invade Warriors territory in revenge of The Warriors earlier beating several of them, tagging over graffiti, and killing one member, Sanchez. The Warriors beat up the invading Hurricanes and send them back to Harlem.

The Warriors beat up several members of the Satans Mothers MC on their turf.

Jones Street Boys invade Warriors territory in revenge for Warriors members beating up several members, tagging over graffiti, and framing them for robberies. The Warriors beat up all JSB's and send them home.

July 13, 1979-Rogues follow the Warriors to their territory for a fight after framing them for murdering Riffs leader, Cyrus. Warriors beat up Rogues leader, Luther, and the Riffs arrive to beat all Rogues to death.

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