This is a compilation of the local staff members.

Cyrus (Founder)Edit

GTACompleteAvatar GTAComplete
Founder since April 23, 2008.
GTAComplete created The Warriors wiki.
Partially Active

Warlords (Admins)Edit

MrBelpitsLegs Special Agent Dale Cooper
Bureaucrat since November 3 2015.
A bureaucrat that is best known for his contributions and his ability to keep vandals and spammers from wrecking this Wiki.
Lancey LanceCplThomas
Bureaucrat since August 12, 2014.
Hi-Hat is a very active bureaucrat.
Walter20210Avatar Walter20210
Bureaucrat since October 2, 2013.
Walter20210 is a bureaucrat that specializes in maintenance and the design of the wikia.
Partially Active
NoAvatar Scrufey
Bureaucrat since March 7, 2010.
Scrufey is a old bureaucrat from the wikia, he has not been active in several years.

Warchiefs (Moderators)Edit


Scouts (Chat Moderators)Edit


Who to contact?Edit

  1. Active = The best to call as they are almost always online.
  2. Partially Active = Medium level of activity.
  3. On Vacation = May be OK to call but they may just want to focus on their vacation.
  4. Sick = Don't disturb them since they won't be active much.
  5. On Emergency Leave = This user is away from the wiki for an unknown length of time, and cannot be on for some time. It is best not to contact them.
  6. Inactive = Probably not the best to call because some of them may have left forever.
  7. Disabled = Globally disabled by Wikia; may be best to remove pointless privileges.

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