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This is a compilation of the local staff members.

Cyrus (Founder)Edit

GTACompleteAvatar GTAComplete
Founder since April 23, 2008.
GTAComplete created The Warriors wiki.
Partially Active

Warlords (Admins)Edit

MrBelpitsLegs MrBelpitsLegs
Bureaucrat since November 3 2015.
A bureaucrat that is best known for his contributions and his ability to keep vandals and spammers from wrecking this Wiki.
Lancey LanceCplThomas
Bureaucrat since August 12, 2014.
Hi-Hat is a very active bureaucrat.
Walter20210Avatar Walter20210
Bureaucrat since October 2, 2013.
Walter20210 is a bureaucrat that specializes in maintenance and the design of the wikia.
Partially Active
NoAvatar Scrufey
Bureaucrat since March 7, 2010.
Scrufey is a old bureaucrat from the wikia, he has not been active in several years.

Warchiefs (Moderators)Edit


Scouts (Chat Moderators)Edit


Who to contact?Edit

  1. Active = The best to call as they are almost always online.
  2. Partially Active = Medium level of activity.
  3. On Vacation = May be OK to call but they may just want to focus on their vacation.
  4. Sick = Don't disturb them since they won't be active much.
  5. On Emergency Leave = This user is away from the wiki for an unknown length of time, and cannot be on for some time. It is best not to contact them.
  6. Inactive = Probably not the best to call because some of them may have left forever.
  7. Disabled = Globally disabled by Wikia; may be best to remove pointless privileges.

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