Gender: Male
Gang: The Turnbull AC's
Race: Caucasian
Status: Alive

Thrash is the main lieutenant of the Turnbull AC's. He was voiced by James Lorenzo.

In The GameEdit

He appears in Boys In Blue, where he and a few Turnbulls are talking but gets attacked by Cochise, Cowboy, and Vermin. He appears again, in the Red Devil, where the Warriors beat up the Turnbull AC's. He appears again in Desperate Dudes at the meeting, behind The Rogues and to the left of Hammer and Axel. And again where he informs the Turnbulls about what happened at the meeting and preparing their plan to kill the Warriors for revenge after they "assassinated" Cyrus.

Fighting AbilityEdit

He uses a machete to fight. His standing knee combo is used by several members of the Destroyers and JSBs. He shares his ground head-butt combo with Rico, Sanchez, Sid and Snow. He has the same fighting style as Vermin and Sid.

Like all physically unfit and/or untrained characters in Rumble Mode, it is unknown why he can perform roundhouse and tornado kicks, as one would have to be the pinnacle of physical fitness to perform such attacks, especially the latter. This is probably just a flaw in game mechanics.

Trivia Edit

  • Though he appears in Boys In Blue and Desperate Dudes, his model is used in several places. They're lieutenants and not actually him.
  • He has the same voice as Tiny. However, in the Desperate Dudes cutscene, where he describes witnessing Cyrus' assassination to his fellow ACs, he uses Hammer's voice.