Gender: Male
Gang: The Baseball Furies
Race: Caucasian
Status: Alive

Thurman is the main lieutenant of the Baseball Furies. He was played by Jerry Hewitt.


Thurman wears yellow and black warpaint. He is Cobb's second-in-command.

In The FilmEdit

Thurman is seen in getting his baseball bat after Cyrus' death and hearing the hit on the radio. Next he appears again with his team, chasing the Warriors. He hits Cowboy twice and has a showdown with Ajax. He is last shown being knocked out by Ajax.

In The GameEdit

Thurman appears in Home Run, which plays out just like the film. Thurman also appears at the meeting in Mission 14: Desperate Dudes. The only big difference is the outfit he wears.


  • Thurman wasn't named until the video game.
  • Jerry Hewitt was credited as 'Baseball Furies Leader'.
  • He was probably named after the baseball player, Thurman Munson.
  • It is unknown why his outfit is gray in the game, though it is possible this was done to avoid confusion with the other Furies and to signify his rank within the gang.
  • In Unleash the Fury difficulty, Swan's model is Thurman and Thurman's model is Swan.