In 2016, Sony made The Warriors (and other titles) available on the Playstation 4 to download from the PlayStation Store. The PS4 version of The Warriors have one major feature added into the game, which made it more or a modern experience compared to it's initial release in 2005: Trophy support.

Title Task Type
Mark Your Territory Spray your first tag Bronze
A Brutal Bunch Create your first gang in Rumble Mode. Bronze
Coin-Op Beat the Armies of the Night arcade game. Bronze
Gym Rat Reach rank 10 for push-ups, chin-ups, sit-ups, and the heavy bag. Bronze
Setting The Stage Unlock every arena. Bronze
Tried & True Reach over 10 hours of playtime. Bronze
A Walk On The Beach Complete Come Out To Play. Bronze
Where It All Began Complete all flashback missions. Bronze
Fighting To The Top Reach the High Score Goal for any chapter. Bronze
Diehard Dedication Complete all bonus objectives. Silver
Brothers In Arms Unlock every soldier. Silver
Bloody Knuckles Complete the story on Hardcore Soldier difficulty. Silver
King Of Coney Island Reach 100% completion on any difficulty. Gold

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