Gender: Male
Gang: The Boppers
Race: African-American
Status: Alive

Tubbz is the main lieutenant of the Boppers.

In The GameEdit

Tubbz appears in Flashback E: Sharp Dressed Man, where Cochise and Snow fight the Boppers as Cochise's initiation. He also appears in the introduction scene of All-City and in Desperate Dudes, heading to, and at the meeting.

Fighting AbilityEdit

On Rumble Mode, he always heals with flash when his health is low.

His standing attack combo was taken from Vermin, and is similar to the Riffs' grapple attack.

His ground attack combo is shared with Cleon - two head-slams, then a slap to the cheek.

Tubbz has a unique power move, which is a shoulder-slam, and a unique secondary power move, which is a jump, then a punch.

Trivia Edit