Gender: Male
Gang: The Punks
Race: Caucasian
Status: Alive

Vance is the Warlord of The Punks. He was played by Konrad Sheehan and voiced by Holter Graham.


Vance wears a black shirt with yellow stripes under his overalls. He used to own a switchblade, but dropped it in a brawl with The Warriors, where it is picked up by Swan.

Ethnicity: Irish-American

In the FilmEdit

In the film, Vance can be seen in a bar where he hears about the Warriors hit on the radio. He later appears following Swan by roller skating.

Later while observing Swan and Mercy, 2 other punks met up with him as they observed them from a distance. Shortly thereafter, several more punks met up as they entered the restroom. There, he and his gang got ready to ambush the Warriors but as he opened the stall door, Rembrandt spray painted his face by surprise and got punched on the face and knocked down which signaled the Warriors to ambush the Punks surprising them all.

During the fight, Vance got back at Rembrandt from just now but Snow slammed him to the wall and punched him down. Later, he tried to kick Cowboy but missed and his skates got stuck on the stall door and with one punch, Cowboy defeated him.

In the GameEdit

The bathroom brawl, where he appears in the film, is in Friendly Faces. Oddly, he his not wearing his roller skates in the fight.

Fighting AbilityEdit

Vance is one of the hardest players to fight in the game.


  • He is the youngest member of The Punks.
  • He is the only Punk to not have a bear hug attack.
  • He shares his voice with Tracer, Goober, Gus and Bull.
  • His switchblade is taken by Swan after their fight in the bathroom. It is later used to injure Luther during their fight on Coney Island's beach which causes him to drop his revolver.