Gender: Male
Gang: The Hurricanes
Race: Hispanic
Status: Alive

Vargas is the co-Warlord of the Hurricanes, along with his brother Diego. He is one of the few 'large' characters. He was voiced by Greg Wilson.


Vargas wears a white tank top, jeans and sunglasses. He has several tattoos on both arms.

Ethnicity: Puerto-Rican

Height: 6' 8"

In The GameEdit

Vargas, along with Diego, appears in Adios Amigo, where they fight against the Warriors in an attempt to keep them away from Sanchez.

Fighting Ability Edit

Animation-wise, Vargas is the most unique character in the whole game - he has his own rage animation, much like Big Moe, Tiny and Spider. He also has his own fighting animations and stance, he even has his own death animation and corpse pose. Ironically, his grapple moves are just the typical punches (standard) and stomps (rage).